​Advices for your photoshoot

18th Jan 2019

The photoshoot for your quinces is one of the important elements to do before your party, specially while you’re making the schedule.

Selecting the style might be a bit difficult because it goes from the location until the clothing, and depending on the place the light, and clothes, the possibilities may change.

Remember to always ask for previews works to the photographer since that’s his presentation card.

We’ve selected some good ideas for your photoshoot, we hope they clear your mind a bit so you can make a good decision.


Have you already chosen the theme for your party? Of course you have, then a good idea is to do the photoshoot according to that. If you haven’t chosen the theme, you can use one of your favorites songs or movies.


Separated from the theme, the location is important because it must work according to the style of pictures that you want.


It is important to anticipate awkward situations so, your photoshoot must be ready at least 3 days before your party!


If possible, get a practice session just to be conscious about every detail instead of “improvise” part of the shooting.