16th Feb 2016

Are you looking for ideas on how to choose the ideal dress and the perfect accessories? Do not worry, here we can give you some tips…

Always the dama dress must have some similarity to the quinceanera dress, because it’s important to have a connection between the damas and the quinceañera at the party.

A popular example is to wear a dress of the same color of the quinceanera as shown in the following picture. It would be a plus if the dama dress has similar details to the quinceanera dress.


Still don’t have the color for the dress? Don’t worry, there is always some fabulous colors that are ideal for the occasion and never fail, like pink and blue. Usually there are beautiful quinceanera and dama dresses in those colors and they look super stylish! Look at these examples:


If you already have the dress and want to compliment your look with an incredible bag, shoes and hairdoyou can check the celebrities who appear on the red carpet. You can get many amazing ideas that can adapt to your style.

For example in the following image you can get some ideas from the look of Hayden Pannetiere: which carries a natural wavy hairstyle and beautiful shoes of the same color of her dress.

Also the style of many celebrities is to carry a classic small bag in which you can saved only the most necessary things that you will need at the party, which may be your cell phone, lipstick and money.


Add your own touch of originality with different styles of nails and makeup. You will have fun selecting what kind of design you want to create or choose and also what kind of makeup fits each of you depending of the style of your face, skin tone and personality. Each of you will look fabulous             

Damas we hope we helped giving you some ideas on how to choose the perfect dress and complements for you.

No doubt you will look spectacular!