Quinceanera Nails

17th Feb 2016

¡A fun subject for quinceaneras are how to design her nails !

There are so many colors and designs to choose from that sometimes we are not sure which one are going to use.

¡We have for you some fun and creative ideas!


Some quinceaneras prefer a simple and elegant design, the prefer style that they use is French. As we see in Figure 1. You can add to your nails some glitter and sparkle stones or redesign this style by appliying a pattern theme.


Single Color

If you like a particular color, it is advisable to combine it with your dress like Taylor swif. Here we bring you some samples so you can see what kind of design you like .

Red nails by originalurl



Acrylic Nails

If you want to try larger and more spectacular nails then you have to choose acrylic nails, you can choose the large that you want and you can do much more design with these type of nails.


3d Nails

You can also choose designs such as 3d, they look so beautiful. Your nails are going to cause very much attention with these ones.


Aquarios Nails

If your party theme is Aquarius or something related, you can use water nails, they look so original!.