Quinceanera Thank You Speech

16th Feb 2016

You are preparing for an important moment in your life that is your quinceanera party , and you know it's time to prepare a thank you speech with all your heart for all the people who love you and are there for you.

Set aside a moment of your time to make your speech, preferably do it when you are relaxed so you can think clearly what you mean and convey your special message to your guests.

Giving a speech is nothing easier and less when someone is afraid to stand in front of many people. I know sometimes it can be intimidating .

But do not worry , your speech should be short, and last approximately 3-5 minutes , you can prepare ahead of time and review it, so it can be perfect . You´ll see when you least expect it, your fears will be gone. That is because you will acquired the security you need to stay focused on what you are going to say.

If you don´t have any idea of how to start, don’t be nervous, here are some tips for you on how to make the perfect speech.

You can first thank God and your family for giving you this precious moment in your life , which you will remember with great satisfaction for a lifetime .Also thank your guests for being in your special day and let them know that you feel lucky to have them in your life. Don’t forget to thanks to your damas for being there for you when you needed it.

Also mention the importance of this day , and if you want you can talk about when you wished or dreamed of this day since you were a little girl. You can also explain how you feel in your passage from childhood to become a beautiful lady.

Take it easy and remember to write with the deepest thoughts of your heart.