Quinceanera Theme Party

16th Feb 2016

Have you thought about the topic of your quinceanera party?

A theme is very important because all the accessories for your party are going to be accordance with your theme party , including your quinceanera dress. That’s why you have to choose it very carefully and the suggestion is that before you buy the accessories or invitations, think about your focus theme first.There are many fun themes you can choose . If you don’t have any ideas yet, here we will give you some:

1) Animal Print

This a very fashionable theme, because everything looks really pretty with the combination of the animal print style and any color you want. So its your opportunity to look stylish and fashionable at the same time. Here are some examples you can apply to your theme.


Dress Zebra print


Accessories leopard print.

Zebra bouquet

2 ) Princess

It has become a very well known this theme because all arrangements and decorations represent an idea of a palace or a great salon to dance the walts and for you to become a princess. You can focus in one of the princess of Disney like cinderella or the little mermaid if you desire.Here we have some princess items that you will like:

Little Mermaid Theme Set

Cinderella Toasting Set

Crystal Cinderella Favor                     

3 ) Phantom of the Opera

The theme of the Phantom of the Opera is known to be a very original, enigmatic and mysterious, for that you have to search antique accessories fit to the nineteenth century . And the quinceanera happens to be Christine Daae , the beautiful singer from which the phantom of the opera is in love . You can add a mask to your beautiful dress to look misterious like this picture:


5 ) Mexico

This is a very traditional theme for mexican quinceaneras. Usually in this type of theme you can dance songs full of joy with mariachi and perform some typical dances of Mexico . You can not miss band style songs such parties. As well México its well known for celebrating the Virgen de Guadalupe, so in honor to this celebration you can wear a virgen de guadalupe dress or you can look for favors and decorations. Here we give you some examples:


There are many more themes you can choose from, the sky is the limit. Just focus on what you like or even better if you have a dream you can make it come true making it into your theme. For example if you always wanted to go to Vegas. Make a team of it, you can have casinos, play cards with your guest, and you can give a fabolous show vegas style. Choose carefully and have a special time to think about it.

¡Have a great party!, and the most important thing enojoy every moment of your planning for the party and have fun!.