Signature Book

16th Feb 2016

Apart from video and the pictures of your fifteen years, the signature book plays a very important role in your party, because you can read the good wishes that your guests write you when they arrive at your party and you will remember your fabulous party through the years.

Here are some tips you can incorporate into your book:


1.Take a snapshot of your guests during the party and stick it in the guest book and invite them to write a review, you certainly will remember those beautiful moments of your quinceanera.

2.A very original idea is to put in the guest book pictures of you, giving enough space so your guests can write on it.

3.Write a message on the first page thanking their amazing wishes and their presence at your party.

4.You can add your personal touch to your book writing special messages for your guests in different pages or you can add glitter or beautiful drawings as well.

The signature books usually come with beautiful designs. They can be ordered separately or can be combine with your set of accessories for your party.


Usually the guest book is placed at the entrance for guests upon arrival can post comments and good wishes for you. There are also very elegant pens that can go according to the book signing.


Have fun choosing and giving a personal touch to your guest book and get ready to read the sweet messages of your guests.